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Hey Internet, here’s a novel idea:

When someone does something you don’t like — even if it is a really poor decision that deserves all the ridicule it can get — don’t resort to death threats. There is absolutely never an acceptable time to wish death upon someone over My Little Pony.

Shoutouts to ~swaglord, who not only felt it necessary to comment twice, but even wished death upon the baby. #swag amirite

Can I just point out that I don’t even think this choice of name deserves ridicule?

Yes, it’s a pretty dim move to name your child because of a show that (let’s face it) you will probably get tired of over time and move on from, but in all honesty, the only people who are going to link the names Pinkamena and Zecora to are people who are already highly aware of the show and it’s characters.

If they had named the child something like Appledash Sparkleshy-Rainbowity or something then yes, that kid is probably going to get some shit from friends because it would be an obvious link to a show and would highlight the obsessive nature of the parents, but to me Pinkamena and Zecora (which only seems to be appearing as a middle name here, so it will probably come up very rarely) just seem like interesting names with no strong attachment to anything else.

I knew people in school with names like Heaven-Leigh and Hawaii who were actually really popular. Parents give children uncommon names a lot and I think it’s a huge misconception that the kids are always going to get picked on for the rest of their lives just for having a name that sounds a bit more ‘exotic’.

Optimus Prime, however…

What a fucking bunch of scumbags.

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    Really? It’s just a name, people. Grow up.
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    She makes all of us seem like complete fuckshits ohmigod.
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    They keep saying how they think the baby should die, but then they’re Saying other people are going to grow up telling...
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    I don’t understand all the death threats, it’s not your child so why does it matter? Teach the future generation to be...
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    ^This. Seriously, you guys are fucking assholes. Did you not read the whole thing? This woman went through a traumatic...
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    PINKAMENA??? …. I’d have gone for my lovely little dashy :3 no but seriously atleast they didnt call her pinkie pie. No...
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    people have no taste, just because it doesn’t suit your mindset doesn’t mean the person doesn’t have the right to live....
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    how do people even think that wishing death on ANYONE is an okay thing to do